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The Connection Plan

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Giving Feedback in Ways that Strengthen the Relationship

Giving feedback in ways that strengthen relationships is a skill.

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Feedback. I remember early in my career during a performance review, my then supervisor told me I wasn’t very good at receiving feedback. He said I got defensive.
I remember that moment with a lot of clarity - like it was yesterday. (Read more)

Fighting Fair

These days it seems like the conflict meter is off the charts. We seem to be engaging in more highly charged conversations than ever before. Whether you are talking to a friend, a partner, or a co-worker there are ways to disagree that don’t have to damage the relationships. 

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How Managing Triggers can Deepen Relationships

Many couples experience nonstop fights and tension over seemingly small issues. Take for instance a common scenario, John and Karen are caught up in a never ending fight over John being late to their commitments. Karen says to John, “don’t you even care about being on time? You always let me down!” John says, “I got caught up on a work call. If you are going to start out by attacking me, maybe we should just go home.” They argue over who is right.

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Relationships are everything

Learn how to get your needs met inside the relationship instead of thinking you need to look elsewhere to find nurturing and support. Learn the surprising ways you might be unintentionally pushing your partner away.

"We are both so grateful for the work we did with you. We are now able to open up to each other and to communicate better. We had forgotten about making time for each other and making each other a priority in our busy schedules. We will continue to use the tools you gave us moving forward and we will always be grateful for your help!"

Sarah and John H.

"I can’t imagine where our relationship would be if we hadn’t done this work with you. We can now have conversations with each other that we have never had in twenty years of marriage. And when we do argue it doesn’t last all week. We can work through it and move on. This has truly changed our lives. Thank you so much!"

Alicia and Ben M.